They trusted in His Mercy

Our Saviour is teaching. We’re told that He was doing so in a house. We are also told that His audience consisted of Pharisees and doctors of the law. That is experts in scripture, experts in law, in the prophets. What was more, that they came from every village in Galilee, from Judea as well as from Jerusalem. So there is a sense that these Pharisees and doctors had come to examine our Lord, since they came from right across the country. We are told that the power of the Lord were behind His works of healing. In other words these works were divine acts, they were not just a case as in the prophets, but there were so many and they were so astounding that it was necessary the authorities examine them. There is nothing unusual in that at all. We have the same procedure, when there is some apparition, it is natural for the bishop to setup a commission to examine the circumstances and to declare whether it is from God or not. So in that sense, there is nothing unusual. What however is of concern is the attitude. Our Lord Himself said, judge, but do not judge by appearances, judge rather in Truth. But because of their bias against Him, they were not willing to judge objectively.

At that moment we are told some men appeared carrying a paralysed man on the stretcher. They wanted to bring him to the Lord but were quite unable to do so. Being determined they made a hole in the roof and lowered the man before the Lord. First of all notice, they do not ask the Lord for anything. Again there is a problem; they put it before Him, leaving Him to decide what the best solution is for the problem. And so they lower the paralysed man in the stretcher and he appears before the Lord. We are told two things, i) that the Lord saw their faith, it was great faith one because the brought the man to him, ii) because they trusted in His mercy, they didn’t ask Him for anything, they knew He would do what was best. And the Lord simply says, ‘My friend, your sins are forgiven’. The Lord did what was best… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

By Fr Linus Clovis

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