A Biblical Search for the Church Christ Founded by Fr Linus F Clovis

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After Confirmation, many children cease to practice their faith or, particularly in the Caribbean, South America and Africa end up joining one of the many sects who actively recruit them. As a first step to remedy this haemorrhaging of the Church in St Lucia, Fr Linus Clovis put together a little booklet to give an outline of the answer to the pressing question Where is the Church Christ founded? The catechists' positive response to this was so strong that Fr Linus was asked to develop it into a full teaching guide. This excellent resource keeps in mind the many misinterpretations of Scripture with which our children are bombarded, confused and seduced. It was, therefore, necessary not only to show that the Church Christ founded is clearly identifiable from Scripture but, also, to indicate the means to recognise her from among the numerous claimants. Additionally, this book provides a useful guide for those people of goodwill who are searching for the Church Christ founded, but do not have the skill or the time to sift through the various claims.

Most Reverend Robert Rivas OP, Archbishop of Castries

A qualified teacher with a passion of all things Catholic, a competent historian with a deep love of the Sacred Scriptures, an articulate promoter of the Faith with a sound grasp of doctrine, a pastor with a love of souls, Fr Clovis has written an excellent text showing that Christ founded the Catholic Church.  This book will both calm the doubts and answer the questions of Catholics who are challenged by the claims of other religions.  It is a text with which all those involved in delivering catechetical programmes should be familiar.  It will also contribute greatly in building the knowledge base of our young people and strengthening them so that they may be better defenders of the Faith.

Amazon Review By Everistus Jn Marie

This 240-page book is readable,scriptural and imbued with sound reasoning and has earned its place in the literature of Catholic apologetics. The writer in his biblical search for the church Christ founded has found it- the Roman Catholic Church. The Church Christ founded on the day of Pentecost has to be visibly present today because Christ promised that he would protect it until the end of time (Mathew 16:18) And so there was for a start, validity in searching for this church today. Clovis in his book has made the case of the supreme importance of Church authority and shown how the failure to observe Church authority has lead to a plethora of Christian denominations and sects.

Non-Catholics would be challenged to refute the cogent case presented by Clovis in defense of the validity of the Catholic Church.

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